The Best Life Company is a UK-based, family-run store blessed with the task of providing our customers all over the world with affordable products that will enhance the quality of their lives. 


My name is Samantha Rose and I launched this store with my husband after he lost his job in the live events industry at the start of the covid pandemic. With no hope of his re-employment for the foreseeable future, we had to do something to support our little family, including three children, and this was it.

I'd dreamed of running my own store for many years, but had never managed to summon the confidence as a stay-at-home-mum to attempt it, as I didn't think I had it in me to make it successful. My husband said to me that the only thing all successful people have in common is that they gave it a try. So we braced and went for it.

It was a big leap into unknown waters and a very different challenge to anything we were used to. Neither of us knew much about running an online store - we just clung to the hope that providing a really great customer experience - something we felt was widely lacking in the space - would cover our inexperience while we learned the ropes. We certainly didn't get everything right, but we're still here, having served several thousand (mostly very) happy customers, which feels beyond wonderful to say! 

Samantha Rose

Owner & Co-Founder 


The main criteria we look for in sourcing our products is that they must be:

  • New, innovative and original

  • Powerful solutions or life hacks

  • High build quality

  • Ecologically sustainable

Go on, Live Your Best Life Today! #YOLO